Rendering Multiple Render Layers?

im relatively new to blender and i was having a few issues with my animation rendering. i have several render layers that i would like to link or compress so that when the animation is rendered as a video file, it shows all layers and their respective objects and animations. when i render, the video file only shows the objects and animations from that single layer. any help? thanks in advance.

can you just output each render layer to an image sequence?

in the 3D view make sure all the layers are visible shift select the layer boxes

in the render panel/layers check that the layers you want to render are active shift select the layer boxes

in the outliner check that the objects you want to render have the camera icon activated.

in the render panel/post processing uncheck compositing unless you are using the compositor

if you are using the compositor you need to add a render layer node for each render layer

thank you so much! it was the nodes i had to set. fixed it no problem. thanks again.