Rendering Multiple UV textures with Yafaray issues

I decided to make, “the one ring” from Lord of the Rings with bump-mapped inscriptions on the inner and outer parts of the ring. I made 2 different UV textures for both, UV mapped them both and in the internal renderer can display both just fine.

But I want to take a step up and render it in Yafaray to get the cool global illumination and caustics from the shiny metal. Working in Blender 2.49 and using the newest Yafaray exporter script I try to render in Yafaray and can only get one UV texture to show properly :frowning: . This is whatever, “Set rendering UV texture” radio button is on (the texture that maps properly). As it is a radio button, I cannot simply shift-click and enable them both.

I could put the inner and outer faces on one UV texture, map to one picture with both inscriptions and go that route but I want to know for the future if there is a way to export multiple UV textures (on one object) to Yafaray and have them map correctly. Thank you for reading and your time :slight_smile: . I assuming this is stupidly simple and I am just missing something.

Yafaray currently does not support multiple UVs, you will have to put them both together, or maybe assign each half to a different material.

At the moment it is a feature request if you want to add your support for it:-

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: . I will definitely add my support for it. I already combined them into one UV texture anyway but it would be nice for more complex models later to have that option.