Rendering objects results in a lot of grain on certain faces. How can I remove this?

For reasons I do not know, being a noob in blender. I have all these grainy effects on a surface that should be smooth.

Additionally. It seems like when I take a face of my object and extrude it inwards, a “invisible” face stays in the place of the face I just moved, so I can move the selected face down and up. But this invisible like replica of it stays where it was, I cannot select or move this face. It is annoying.

The grain is probably that you haven’t rendered a high-enough sample count to get a clean render in Cycles. In the render settings under the Integrator tab try increasing the Render Samples (or Preview Samples for the real-time). 1,000 will probably clear everything up completely. You might not need that many though, it depends on the lighting setup.

It’s not clear what’s going on with your second issue. Could you upload a picture?

yes I can! Thank you


I think you have multiple overlapping faces. If you move the face you’re trying to extrude without extruding it is there still a face left where it was? Select all, and try “Remove Doubles”. It’s in the specials menu or you can just search for it directly (not hotkey for it apparently)

I found the menu and did what you said, but there is still the same exact problem as I posted above.

This happens with most of my other models I am building

Are you extruding more than once maybe? It shouldn’t be leaving faces behind.

I have extruded more than once, but some spots have never been touched exhibit the same problem. Its strange. I can upload a video.

A video would be great.

Whenever I change my camera angle btw when rendering I get colors I do not want, like at one point angling my camera upwards rendered a picture bathed in green light. I did not want that, not did I have green lighting near that point.

Sorry if its off topic

You’ve got bigger faces underneath you’re smaller faces. You need to loopcut the larger column and then remove doubles. It looks like you might have this issue elsewhere in the mesh too. Blender doesn’t let you have faces with more than 4 edges, unless you’re using bmesh in a 2.63 test build. So it looks like you’ve got a lot of faces on top of each other that you’ll have to get rid of.

I’m not sure what’s going on with your green light problem when rendering. I’d have to see an image.

I’ll post a video of my complete render that should include the green light glare in the beginning. I tried to select the faces that were under my smaller faces but I cannot, I can loopcut the column like asked, but I can never ‘select’ the face’s beneath, I tried hitting tab to deselect the face I was holding and then select the one I wanted gone, but I can’t. I’ll try and do what you said after, I am going to render the vid. It may take a year though, judging that it takes about 4 minutes per frame and my PC slows to a crawl… :smiley:

There’s actually a little black square indicating there’s a face there that you should be able to click to select it, but yeah it’s going to be very annoying to select those faces. If you delete the ones on top of it, it’ll be a lot easier probably. Then just loop cut the whole column because those longer faces above the smaller ones aren’t really connected properly so it’s going to create errors. If you feel like you’d model more intuitively without having to make quads everywhere the new version of Blender coming soon with bmesh will make that possible and situations like this might be easier not to get into in the first place.

Thanks for helping. If I can render the animation tonight I will post it here

Okay, have you tried -it could speed things up for you if you’ve got a slow machine.
I probably don’t need to see the entire animation to figure out what’s going on, just a few key frames would probably be enough.

Oh, it seems like it is the first frame only that exhibits this problem. Shouldn’t be a hassle. Thanks! I will still post one of my animations though!

No problem. The ship looks cool. The lighting would look better if it were a sun lamp so the lighting is more constant for outer space. Is this part of a larger project or just a ship in space for fun?

Larger project, I’m running on a laptop. So its damned near impossible to render this stuff. Slow GT555m can’t do anything fast. I tried rendering an interior scene last night. Ended up bad. Lighting is WAY off. Spent 8 hours rendering 120 frames or so. I’ll post it here.

How do I make it a lamp?

I don’t know what on earth causes the lighting problems with the flickering and whatnot. I really want it to look realistic but after over a week I can’t get anywhere better than this. I am a noob, so its what I do.

The flickering on the engine is from overlapping faces. Is the light flashing intentional?
It would be useful to see your lighting setup.