Rendering of a Camaro 68

I would like to present my rendering of a 1968 Camaro. It is my first car rendering. The goal of the project was to improve my hardsurface modeling and to get a photorealistic car rendering.

I modeled the car from scratch and created a landscape with True Terain for presentation.
For lighting I used Nishita Sky. The reflections come from an HDRI, which was not used for the lighting. I was unsure about the color of the car for a long time, but then I decided to use a complementary contrast to the landscape.

I know that the result is far from perfect but despite some flaws I am happy with this first result.

I would be happy about your feedback.


heyyy pretty good job how did you do the clouds ?

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Thank you. The clouds are photographed over the Grand Canyon and added in the compositor.

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thanks a lot !! wish you the best for the rest of your 3d journey.