Rendering on 2 computers 5 GPU´s

Interesting statistic : Rendering an animation with one computer running 1080ti, and one computer with 4 cards 2x970 / 980ti / 1060 .

Now the 4 card computer is faster , but I was expecting more to be honest.
1080ti TIME 1:32
4 GPU TIME 53 sec.
4 GPU computer is running on 1X , with usb riser cards , But I expected that only to affect loading times.

Any thoughts ?
In fact the whole animation might be faster with my previous setup which had the 4 cards in 3 other computers rather then in this semi mining setup with the riser cards , I will test that and see.

Which version of Blender? 2.79b, or 2.79/2.80 experimental? Be sure to experiment with different tile sizes on the 4x system, and maybe try things like using just the 890ti+1060 to see hot that compares to all four, etc.

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If you have cpu turned on the 4gpu computer it could be slowing down the render by a lot.

Using 2.79b , auto tile size.
Trying just two of them at a time is a good idea, see how it scales.

Try the current 2.79 experimental build (or 2.80 beta) with very small tile sizes, like 16x16.

What are your tile sizes?