Rendering on android tablet


I decided to test blender´s last year port to android. It is not very usable.
But render is working very well.

I used mushrooms by ahmad maad, and my tablet (Dual core ARM Cortex A9, 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM - GPU MALI 400).
It took 3:30 minutes to render, the tablet didn’t feel hot at all when i touched the cpu part, and here is the result.

Hoping for a new and better port. It looks promising :).


i rendered on my nexus 7… i think i had some intersecting geometry though

it works pretty good even thogh it took 80x longer than my desktop

Has anyone tried it with nvida targa?

Mine is a Mali 400, i think it is a decent GPU

mine is a tegra 3 but cycles isnt on the android build