Rendering One Animation From Multiple Cameras

Hey all!

I’ll explain my current situation so that I can better describe the solution I’m trying to find.

I have a 3D human model which will have various animations that then will be rendered out and turned into a sprite sheet.
This one animation needs to be rendered eight different times through eight different cameras, the only difference between the cameras being their position and rotation.
Due to the nature of making the sprite sheets, and for human readability, I would like to render these different animations and views with an appropriate name, for instance 1_1_F, where the first 1 is the animation set (walking,) the second 1 and F being the view (the second for human readability.)
Another reason for this naming convention is the method in which I will be utilizing these sprite sheets in code.

Now the solution.
As far as my research has shown so far, such a custom procedure is not currently available ready-to-go. I would love to be wrong though as that would make iteration much easier (I’m currently in the early stages of content development and would like to proceed to the next stage as soon as possible.)
If I am correct though, I have no problem writing some sort of script that would allow what I need, however I have no experience writing scripts for Blender and am unaware of any resources that would teach me (my research hasn’t come up with a central location, or locations, for this information.)

So if any of you know of any potential avenues that could provide a working solution, I would be quite grateful.

PS: If further clarification is needed, do let me know. It’s quite late here and I tend to be a little vague at such hours.

I never did find a solution that was already made, at least not one that would fit exactly what I need.

However I did create a solution that does do everything required, which is a script that does all that I previously mentioned.
I don’t know how to share formatted code, so I’ll instead provide a link to that.
If anyone uses this, you just need to provide your output directory.
Other than that, put that in the script window, select the armature, and run the script.
I should mention, this was made with v2.8 beta, so I have no idea it will work with previous versions.

It’s not elegant, but nevertheless it works well.