Rendering only an image without the background

Hi all,

I know ive seen this question asked ages ago and i should have taken notice then but can anyone tell me how to render just the image without the background, its for a logo.

Thank all

On the Rendering Tab, just click the “Key” button and make sure you set the rendering options on the “Format” tab to “RGBA” and choose a format (e.g. PNG or Targa) that supports a alpha channel.

Awesome! thanks mawilson, gee its easy when you know how huh! but now thats got me wondering if a short animation can be rendered without a back ground also, i dont think quicktime supports that so is there another option?

I think you’d have to render it as a series of still images. You could then use either Blender’s compositor or video sequence editor to import them and overlay them onto another video.

Yeah i think your right, i just had bit of a muck-about with it and it looks like the only option.
Thanks again mawilson

Glad to be of help.