Rendering only the furniture in the interior scene

Hey there
I’m trying to do my first render. I have a photo of an empty room, I set up the perspective for the scene using Fspy, modeled walls, windows, etc. and I added furniture to this photo using Blender. I also used the .HDR file as the source of light.
How can I only render the furniture and the shadows that it’s casting on the planes (walls, floor), but not the actual planes?
I want to then overlay the rendered furniture on the original photo in Photoshop.
I can’t figure it out myself, and I can’t really find any information on that.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Select your floor > ‘Object Properties’ panel > Visibility > Check ‘Shadow Catcher’
Only shadows on an object configured this way will be rendered.

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Thanks a lot!