Rendering Output Problems

Hi, First post!

I have a problem with rendering. When I attempt to render, the usual thing happens, where my output is displayed in blender. However I can never find the file outside of blender.
I set the output for a render to a folder called Render Output, and named the output file render.png. It gave me this in the output text box: “//…\Render Output\render.png”

Can anyone help me, the animation I need to render is very high priority and it can’t really wait.

Windows, yes? First see what you have in User Preferences - File. Set render output after uncheck Relative Paths. See if it helps.
Right now it looks that your render.png is like two folders up from where blender is located. See in Help -Console any error messages, if blender has rights to save there.

Yeah, Windows 7. Thanks for the relative paths tip, it made it much more readable, however it still wont render.

There’s only one error message in the Console, and I’m not even sure if it’s related.
It says: <!> event has invalid window

Does it render in uv editor window, just doesn’t save? If you render default cube from a new file - same?