Rendering/packaging for youtube's 360 video

I’m trying to produce a 360 youtube video (for viewing with chrome or with google cardboard). This thread is for reference, and seeing if others are also experimenting with this.

Steps I’ll try for first attempt:
Render video with equirectangular camera, 1920x1080 (will later render at 4k res, but this is for testing)
Use windows tool to add metadata

Making spherical video howto
Youtube video recommended technical specs (not specific about 360)
spatial media metadata specification

Interesting. The application for injecting the 360 degree metadata is written in python. Too bad that it is apache license, so it can not become part of blender.

Nice. This works:

  1. render movie at 4k res using panoramic equirectangular camera
  2. save as mp4 file with high quality settings
  3. Use the google tool to add the metadata
  4. upload to youtube, and don’t do any online modificiations to the movie