Rendering passes into different files

Rendering in elements like in 3dsmax. Meant that can we render passes for shadow, highlights, specular etc into different files so that they can be composited later as per the adjustments.

Can this be done in Blender or not?

Yes, manually. There isn’t a multi-pass button. I believe it’s been on feature request for a while now.

Did anyone spot this image from the Project Orange media page…?

I dunno about you guys, but that looks like a whiteboard with the words “pass” and “render”

It’s also a group discussion, so who knows. Fingers crossed :wink:

It’s on the Orange Wishlist here, under compositing:

Multipass rendering


multipass rendering is on the official project orange wishlist and is one thing that is definitely planned. Ton is supposed to begin renderer work this month.


Multipass rendering would be a nice compliment to network rendering… (my impression of that is that network rendering with blender is all done by cludges at this point, no?)

Exciting times for Blender right now, it seems…