Rendering physics.

Im new with blender and i wonder how i can render my physic test.
Like in this video:

Up in the Game pulldown menu, you’ll find a tab for “Bake physics to IPO”. mark this tab and then P to run your game. You will find that it runs way slower than usual. This is because Blender is placing a keyframe for each of the various things that are happening in your scene.

Stop your game at any time. Now, in an ipo or timeline window, or with your arrow keys, advance your animation manually and you will find that all your physics have been recorded and is ready to play in a rendered animation easily.

Just remember not to change the positions of any of your physics objects… build or move your scene AROUND the objects you have recorded to ipos.

That’s a super nutshell version, but I hope it helps.


Oh, thank you so much :slight_smile:

No problem… I new in this community, too. Just building the brotherhood.

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Make sure you click “Enable All Frames” in the Game menu as well. If you don’t, the engine might drop frames to keep up speed, which is good for games, but not for baking IPO’s. Enable all frames will force the Game Engine to calculate every frame even if it does slow down the “game”.

Hmm… nevermind. That might not be necessary. All the technical details can be found here (in the Blender wiki):

But yeah, LeftySpinhand got the basics down pat. BTW, baking physics replaces any IPO’s you already have on physics objects, and re-baking will overwrite your first bake.