rendering plain colors

hi all,

how can i render my objects with plain colors ? i mean that the faces in the shodaw render off without a gradient. for example if i have a red object and i render it, the shadow areas should not be a gradient but a maybe darker red ?

thanx for answers.

In the materials panels, click Shadeless

Shadeless will remove all shadows from your mesh. If I understand you right, you want hard shadows where the light does not hit the faces, with no gradation. That sounds like Toon shading too me. Checkout these Wiki links:

hi all,

thanx for the answers couldnt figure it out though…
here is a pic that comes out of illustrator, you can see there the faces with the different red colors.

tryed out with toon shader but i still got gradients on the faces.



Click set solid


i have another comprehensive question:

why does this pic show all the other shader examples but not the oren-nayer one ? i mean are these spheres shaded by the oren-nayer but each uses a different shader for its material - im confused…

sorry for my bad english

That image shows what the Oren-Nayer Diffuse shader looks like when used with each of the different Specular shaders. Basically Diffuse shaders determine how the shadow or shading of the base material will look, while the specular shader determines how the highlights (the spec) on the material will look.

very good Matt! and he gave the image reference, not the page reference, which means you figured out what I was trying to do with that image. You get the cookie today! (unless of course you cheated and clicked on the ‘where used’ link…in which case you only get a half a glass of milk!

No Clicky Papa, I have looked at each shader page enough to know what the images mean. I remember early on having the same confusion “why are there two shader lists?”. Then I read the descriptions in the wiki pages. I guess I should have read them the first time instead of the tenth time, LOL.

thank you now i understand