Rendering plugin??

I’m writing a raytracing renderer (yes, another one :)), and I’d like to integrate it into blender.

I like the way the yafray integration looks, and I’m very impressed by blental’s integration too.

My question is, how can I do this sort of integration myself? Loading scripts up in the script window seems to limit what you can do to the rest of the gui. Is it possible to write something comparable to yafray/blental in python alone? Or will I need to write a c++ plugin, or even branch the source of blender itself?

I realise this information might be out there already, but I was hoping someone could advise me about my options. I’ve got a fair bit of experience in c++ and python, but blender’s very new to me :slight_smile:

from what i can tell, the python just adds ontop of the actual blender structure not changing any inner workings of blender as the softwear

to intgrate something like that you proly need to code stuff in C+ to actualy expend blenders capabilities not just build on top of them

write an exporter to prase in xml format for your app as yafray and indigo have done and add a gui of course

hey there is only one active developer in yafray team, i dont know how much you have coded on your own ray tracer but yafray is being recoded and i think that might be a good idea to join with him even to fork it out and write your own cause Linx3d will have some knowledge on this nuances take your time and lead to yafray forums and make your questions there i think that its worth it.