Rendering .png


How can I render a model with a .png image so that the material ‘beneath’ the texture will not show in the render.

In other words, only what is on .png will be rendered and rest will be transparent (as in the .png itself).

Thx, BR Antiaani

Set the render output format to .png and enalle RGBA so it includes the alpha channel.
You will then need to render your scene with a transparent background
In blender render set the alpha to transparent in Render / Shading panel
In cycles render enable transparent in the Render / Film panel

Thx for the reply. I tried but the material still renders beneath the texture :confused:

Maybe I’m still missing something? :confused:

I try to explain better… On the upper plane I’d like to render only the “TEST”-txt (or whatever is visible on .png file). Only this text would hover on top of the lower blue plane (or whatever is behind the upper plane) and no grey would be there at all.


If this is what you want then some compositing is probably needed

I had no png with alpha, so i resorted to another render layer to create one.
See if this helps.

In your texture’s settings, you need to have “Use Alpha” ticked, and also under Influence -> Diffuse, Alpha checkbox should be ticked as well. Further, in material’s properties, Transparency should be enabled and set to Z Transparency, with Alpha value dragged all the way to 0. Lastly, on the bottom (blue) plane’s material, under Shadows, you’ll need to have ‘Receive Transparent’ ticked.

I appreciate all the replies and special thanks to Stan! I got it working now.