Rendering Previouse Animation istead of the new one

Hi there,

I am new in blender, and maybe I have missed something, and do hope so, then, myu problem is this, I have done a 120 frames of animation, when I trie to render the animation, either on PNG format or .avi, all that is rendering is the previouse animation i tried doing, I’ve checked the NLA Editor for previouse tracks, nothig there, only the actual tracks that I want to animate, in Blender when I play the animation all is as it souposed to be, only when I am rendering I have this problem.
This are the videos for my “problem”

I can even send you the blender file if you think that could help more.

Excuse my english, and thanks

Hi there, problem solved, sry for my Thread, I’ve forgot to erase the previous strip of images from the video editing screen layout panel.
I hope, next time I wont be so clumsy, and try more to solve the problem before I post here. :o