Rendering Problem 2.5?

Hey just been getting used to blender and going through the whole pipeline as it were, everything has been going really well!! love blender! cept all of a sudden my renders are super fast and super black! as in they are completely black. Wonder if i have changed anything along the way?
Ive modelled textured, tweaked the light, compisted and rendered with AO. Render went fine.
Then ive rigged and animated which went fine
And now im ready to render a sequence and its black instantly.
The only thing ive done related to rendering was after animation i did like a preview render. I think it was CTRL left clik on the render image camera icon? The preview rendered fine.
I’ve also animated the camera movement.
Ive tried appending it as a new scene to a new blend file (someone had a similar issue and worked for them) but no luck.
Would it be a 2.5 thing?
I’ve noticed if i uncheck “sequencer” in the render settings it starts thinking about doing something then crashes. I dont know if thats somthing to do wiht it?
Any ideas?

‘do sequence’ is for when you are using the video sequencer to ‘remix’ video and image sequences. So, unless you are doing a sequence, don’t check that button. I am not sure why you are crashing though, maybe provide a screen shot of the render settings or something.

ok this is a bit wierd…i turned off the sequencer and was about to test render and then i remembered that there may have been a little image strip thing in the video sequencer. And there was. Maybe that was causing issues. Anyway i rendered and it crashed as usual (with sequencer off). And then i reopend blender turned image sequencer back on and it rendered fine!! and then i turned it off and it rendered fine!! so that strip mustv had something to do with it. It had the same name i think as what was in the render settings?
Well anyway if anyone could shed some light on this that would be great!
When you have sequencer on does it load the video sequencer into an empty strip? or create a new strip or something with ur renders?

Oi, that makes my head hurt. I’m lazy and I left a sequence in my default scene and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

FWIW every time I get a black render its because the render layer with the lights got clicked off. Darned keyboard gremlins