Rendering problem! black dots when ray tracing

Hi everyone,
Im new here and I’m using blender for a few months now but already I have a problem that I dont know how to solve. I was rendering a scene a week a go with raytrace turned on and everything was all right, but when I opened same blend file today and rendered it with same settings I have seen black dots on all subdivided surfaces. If I turn off raytrace the black dots disapere. Also if I render the scene in blender 2.49 everything looks alright but takes forever. I have attached a render for you to see. Please help and excuse me for my bad english.:frowning:


Check you haven’t duplicated any meshes as this occurs when you have two faces occupying the same location.


Ok I have found out that material is causing problems becose without the material the render is flawless. Thank you for helping

hello i was wondering if some one could fix the black lines on my mesh i trired control n but it just make more could someone fix it then re pot the file:D