Rendering Problem: Cloth Physics


I made a cloth animation that plays back through the timeline, but when I go to render it… it does not render out… the physics will not play. Instead I just see the mesh as a solid. I used the new ‘Cloth’ option in blender 2.48a.

Any Ideas?



Is “enable modifier during rendering” clicked on?

I do not think so… that’s probably why. Where is this button?

Edit: Correction, it is enabled and it still is not rendering…

Can you post a Blend?

have you baked your animation (Cloth Collision panel)

Yes, it is baked.

Here is the blend: File Removed

Note: Please do not use in your own projects… this is for help purposes only.

Thank you.

I’m using SVN, but by putting the subsurf mod under the cloth mod and selecting AVI/Jpeg output, (and re-baking) I had no problem rendering your project.

… be sure to select the same subsurf-level for preview and render in the subsurf modifier. See also here: “troubleshooting”


be sure to select the same subsurfleve for rendering and preview, then rebake. See also “trobleshooting”


You did it! Thank you very much. Once I moved the subsurf under the cloth it worked… (and baked the animation a million times faster).

I appreciate it very much.