Rendering Problem - File gets "eaten"

I’ve created an object in Blender and I’m trying to give it a glass window. I made the window separately, selected it and followed the tutorial instructions for defining the material as “glass.” According to the preview (the sphere in the checkerboard room) I’ve done everything correctly. But when I select “Render”>“Render Image” a strange shape fills the screen and eventually the program just stops. If I save the file (instead of quit), or I do this repeatedly, the file becomes corrupted and the objects disappear. All that remains is a bit of grid with rectangular tiles.

Today I decided to “make glass” in a separate file, just to see if I was missing something. I made the little glass sphere and it seemed to render properly; but after I saved it and re-opened the file, I found that it had gone, and there was that darn bit of grid again.

Does anyone know what’s going on? I’ve tried this on several different computers, with the same end result.

Help those to whom you ask for help. Attach your blend file or upload it at and copy/paste the link.

Sorry - I thought maybe someone had encountered this problem before. Thanks! I went to the link you suggested and attached the file. The window in question is the curved surface with the “mouse-hole”-shaped cutout. If anyone wishes to give it a try, I suggest copying the file first, for reasons I already described (It tends to get “eaten” or something).

What the hey? I uploaded that file about 5 times and it still doesn’t show as an attachment. How does this Pasteall work?

Upload your file and then paste the url of the page that opens once uploaded


Ah… That seems to link to it. Did I successfully post the file?](

You saw a “strange shape” because your camera was inside you glass object. I moved the camera back and bumped the light up by 10x because your model is so huge and got the following render:

the distortions in the glass are because it has terrible geometry - I guess you used a boolean operation to make the semi-circular hole, eh? Anyway, I took the liberty of re-modeling the glass part, here’s a render of my version:

You can get my version of your blend here:


That’s it! THANK YOU!!! I had no idea about the camera… although I did notice the strange shape that appeared in some rendering attempts looked like an extreme close-up of a curved edge. How did you re-model the glass? That’s EXACTLY the effect I wanted.