rendering problem noisy?

i tried changing sampling to ma ir full sampling

i change the spec cvalue ect…

i mean the noisy shape is the original on which i applied a spin to make the other

all normals seems ok even if i add a edgesplit it does not change it

so what’s going on here and how can i remove this noise ?

happy 2.5

post blender or image

i tried in lastest built 39821 got it today
and then tried it in older version and still the same noise on these 2 shapes only

picture added i cannot add with IE9 i had to go to google to do it !

happy 2.5

i remove the shape with problem and repalce it with another one
and it works ok

but don’t understand what could be wrong with the first one!
i did use this first one to do all the other i think or may be this was the last one done by the spin !

is this a bug ?

happy 2.5

It looks a lot like z-fighting. Check for duplicates.

as i said i used spin dup to repeat around circle

and sorry i check again and you right doubles around !
and your right dup must have had one more and there was double on the last one or first one i guess

so should have seen this one !

happy 2.6