Rendering Problem with Yafray

I have just installed Yafray, I am still playng with the default scene. While the internal renderer works fine if I choose “export with Yafray” evrything seems to work fine except that the rendering windows remains black. Do you have any advice for this?

first yafray does exist anymore!

now it’s yafaray so hope you got the lates version of yafaray

probably cause you don’t have enough ligth soruce in scene

so why don’t you read some more about the type and setting requried to get a render
at yafaray site
there is very good doc showing the settings available and should help you

also look into the tut and forum there are several sample file available so you can look at it and see
how it works to get a render from yafaray

happy blendering

I have downloaded the proper “Yafaray” and not “Yafray”, thanks for correcting me, I didn’t know the difference but “google” corrected my spelling error automatically (I was unaware).

The problem shouldn’t be related to the lighting but to the installation. In fact pressing F10 under the render buttom doesn’t appear also the complete Yafaray toolbar (the download menu that allows you to choose Yafaray and as well the other Yafaray windows). Strangely it is possible to export the model from the top menu, but it remains black.

I will follow your advice and study more tutorials.

well if your on vista
follow the procedures as indicated in installtion guide at yafaray

you need to download a certain QT librairy from microsoft to make it work
and don’t forget to de install before re installting yafaray or it may not work properly

you could also download some sample files from yafaray to test if needed

it should work fine if you follow the instructions

you could also select the latest version with IES lamps ect…
it may not be as stable ( > 99 % i guess ) but should work fine
it’s already been mostly tested so should work fine

i’m still using the other older vesion and waiting till 2.5 to get the last with IES lamp
but that should not stop you from doing a fesh new intallation wiht latest version

hope it helps

Yafaray doesn’t export Blender’s lighting or materials data, you have to set these up in Yafaray’s own gui.

Please read the user guide:-

The render is black because you haven’t set up any lighting in the Yafaray ui. Also the dropdown in Blender’s render buttons is not there because Blender has removed support for Yafray. Yafaray works differently…

Thanks organic, that makes sense, so lighting of blender are not recognised by Yafaray. What doest it mean that Blender has removed support for Yafaray? It was there before? This makes things more difficult? I’ll read the documentation in details.

Yafray has not been in development for a number of years so was taken out of the render dropdown.


Do you suggest another renderer to combine to Blender? Are there any better solutions?

In case there is a misunderstanding - Yafaray is fine, Yafray is unsupported.