Rendering Problem

when ever i press f12 or render in one of my saves it crash and the render screen won’t come up. But with my otherones it works fine.

Please Help

okay, so I have a bunch of questions about this file

does it use raytracing?

can you stop it from crashing if you disable raytracing?

do you use big textures?
is it a big render?
is it a complex file in general?

see, if it is a complex file [raytracing doesn’t seem to use much ram btw] it could be your ram which is bad. use memtest86 to test it

as for other things, we kind of need to know about your file
[being able to download it would be a big plus]

I don’t know what he means by “when I render in one of my saves”.

We also need to know Blender version, OS, CPU etc.