Rendering problem

i am currently experiencing a rendering problem with my current project in blender. it’s not complete, however i am trying to preview as it is so far. I have a large plane on the bottom, the floor to the scene, which will later have walls and a celling. i can see the plane clearly when i move around, but when i go to render, the plane disappears, and along with it, the texture it has. is there a way to correct this problem. any help is appreciated, thanks

Could you please post the .blend file, and the version of blender you’re using? This will help us narrow down your problem. At this point, I can’t really think of any reason that the plane wouldn’t render.

I’m not sure how to upload the blender file. the attachment did not recognize it. as for the version it’s 2.45

test inverting normals direction of plane
edit mesh-> select the face-> click flip normals

I assume you have one or more lights in your scene? :slight_smile:

it has double sided selected, however i will try that.
as for the lights, i have 8 right now, and plan to add another 20 or so. it’s in the 3D view that it doesn’t show, i can see parts of it, but not the whole thing.

I just went into the file, i am able to pull up parts of the plane in render. ill attach a screen shot that may help. as you can see from the screen cap, it not only cuts off part of the plane, but some objects as well (ie. lamps, models, etc.). another thing i should point out, it is not on the X and Y axis, it is slightly bellow, just in case that could be the cause of the problem.


Bringing this back onto the first page, the problem has yet to be solved. also, to clarify the screen shot, the plane is a perfect square and is centered at the X,Y,Z intersection point.

Looks like camera clipping, but that’s a guess without a Blend to look at.

How big of a world are you trying to render?

the largest piece is that plane, which is 220 X and 220 Y, i plan on adding more to that, but it will not exceed a 220 cube.

So, did you check the camera for clipping distance?


i think that did it, i extended the end to 220, and placed the end point bellow the plane, and it successfully generated the total area. thanks for the help