Rendering problem

i’ve recently made a short animation of a space ship, and for some reason it just wont render, i have 2 particle systems, but that’s never stopped my computer rendering before. i’ve also tried to instal YAFray, but it didn’t work, any help?

Please be a little more specific!

What does “it just wont render” mean? Does Blender crash? Does it just hang up? Any error messages? OS and Blender version used? System specs?

In which way did the YafaRay installation not work? What’s the problem?

If you don’t provide proper information and a detailed description of your problem, it’s almost impossible to help you…

sorry for my lack of specifics,

ok i’m on mac, newest version of blender, and i’ve tried leaving it for a few hours, and instead of failing to render, it is just rendering soooooo slowly