Rendering problem

I am having trouble rendering a kitchen I made from a tutorial. All I have done is pretty much added planes (or cylinders and cubes) and a camera and a point light to the scene. My problem though is that it won’t render. I just see black and gray. I can see the outline of part of the kitchen but no matter where I move the camera it doesn’t work. I have worked on this project for awhile so I’m not sure if I hit anything that caused it to have this problem.

But then I reinstalled it and tried opening the default scene with just a cube and it renders. But I try my other project and it doesn’t work. I’m using the newest version of Blender. I had a previous one before while still working on this project. I’m still new to Blender but know a lot of things already and I can’t figure this out so I hope someone helps me. I will attach a picture to show what my problem is (Left is default cube-Right is my project-Middle are both rendering of both scenes). Ask me anything else if you need to.


Post your blend file here.
The screenshots are too small to see anything

I made the images separate but if there is anything specific that you need to see just tell me and I’ll try to get a close up.

*** I attached the blender file so that you can open it and see what problem it is. That should make it a lot easier ***


12 - 4 Materials 7-23-11.blend (996 KB)

I have attached larger pictures and also the blender file if you want to go in and get a closer look.


Press / to go out of local view
Also select the lamp and in the lamp settings you may want to select ‘Ray Shadow’ for the lamp to cast shadows

Thank you! It works :slight_smile: Life savior (or my blender model savior lol)