Rendering Problem

I have recently been working on a blender project and at some point in time I must have done something to my file, I don’t recall what it could have been, because now whenever I attempt to render an image, the render screen just shows complete transparency.

I’m not sure what caused this problem or what to do to fix it. One thing I figured out about this problem is that it only occurs in this save file which is good in part as rendering works in all of my other save files.

If anyone has any idea what might have caused this, what’s happening, or a way to fix it, please let me know. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.

Check you have no clips in the video sequencer or in the Render / Post Processing disable the Sequencer option.

Ensure you are rendering layers that have something on to render
Check outliner for anything you have disables renderability
Check object settings to ensure you have not enabled any duplication options.

Note you’ll have to do these things yourself since you have omitted to show most of the important parts of the blender interface or even an example blend file.

I went ahead and checked all of these settings and they seem to be in order. I was hoping to help provide more information since you said “you have omitted to show most of the important parts of the blender interface”. What else can I include to help provide more information? Also as far as “an example blend file”, I don’t know how I could provide an example since this problem is only happening with this one file of mine however I’d rather not just give out the file. Thank you for the help so far.

Here is the problem file I’m having troubles with. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.Problem File.blend (570 KB)

Well, the file you uploaded has no objects, lights or camera…
how can we help you then?

Within that file the problem occurs, the object lights and camera present should make no difference, they didn’t for me.

Works for me after adding a cube, light and camera.