Rendering problems???

Okay. I swear I’ve looked everywhere for this.
I go to set my directory to render to (D: mp) and go ahead and render.
The file that is produced is ####.blend…being the ####'s are some ‘random’ numbers.
It seems that I’m setting all the right properties.
This is what I’ve got:
OSA 16
100% size
100 quality Jpeg

:-? :-? I’m extremely confuselled.

Any help?

THanks a bunch.

-str1d3r :o

Hi welcome to elYsiun.

The file that is being produced is a tempoary backup file of your current .Blend. By default I think it saves a backup file every 4 mins.

To save an image as a .tga or .jpg or other, in render buttons select output type, (should be .tga by default I think.) F12 to render, then hit escape after render has finished. Now press F3 to save the image, type in file name and always put the suffix for the type of image eg Myrender.tga or Myrender.jpg.

The render output dialogue is used for rendering animations, select the path, then name without suffix and hit enter. Click extensions button below this which will auto add the correct suffix for the animation file type. Now when you want to render an animation, select output type (avi/quicktime/single frames etc) then press big anim button.

Hope this helps and makes sense.


Blender doesn’t actually save the image unless it is part of a sequence.
to save a single render press F3 once the render is finished.

Ah, I shee! Thanks so much you guys!
runs off to render

-str1d3r :o