rendering problems...

i rendered something i was working on but when the render finishes, my object is covered in…strange checkerboard patterns or something similar to that…

here’s what it looks like:

anyway of fixing this?

Yes this happens to tons of people… and it’s mentioned in here all the time.

Your face normals aren’t all pointing outwards (the face normal is the direction of the face, it defines what side is the front and what’s the back and such).

In edit mode go into your menu with all verts selected and look for something like “recalculate normals outside”.

Edit mode - select all (A) - click space bar - choose edit - normals - recalculate outside

Everyone is WRONG here!

You accidentally duplicated the mesh. So what you are seeing is multiple meshes exactly on top of each other, causing the checker pattern.

Go into object mode, grab the object and move it aside. If it is indeed a duplicate, delete it.

It is possible that you may have several duplicates of the exact same mesh in the exact same coordinates. So you may need to do it again.

Also, check to see if other objects are duplicated, like the lights, and the camera, etc… the reason being that this accident occurs and most of the time, the entire project is duplicated (everything).