Rendering programs

For awhile now I been pondering the thought of using a different rendering program, aside from BI or Cycles. Integration from blender to the renderer is a must. Aside from that, is there any certain renderer that stands out for certain types of CG work. Or is it all personal preferences?

stills or animation, you can still use yafaray. they have builds already set up on graphicall I believe

That’s basically what I was asking. Is there one that works really good in animations, then a different one that is really good in stills, or for architecture, so on and so forth.

Octane is good if you are looking for something like cycles but different

And octane would be best for animations or stills, if stills what kind?

Ofcourse there’s also lux render.
It’s good for stills and allows for a fair amount of control of your lighting afterwards.
But you’ll need to learn a thing or 2 about it.

V-Ray is pretty well integrated. The special builds export very fast and allow access to V-Ray textures as well. It is good for stills, animation, interiors, exteriors. Of course you would need V-Ray, but the standalone licence is relatively inexpensive, and includes 10 render nodes if you have spare computing power lying around. V-Ray RT is also supported now, though it doesn’t render in the viewport like Cycles does.

Well I am short on cash, so that counts out Octane and V-Ray for the time being. Is LuxRender free or is there a charge for a license?

from their website: “LuxRender is and will always remain free software. We are working on this program because we like doing so, because we enjoy seeing people use the program and because we consider freedom more valuable than money. Whether you’re a starving artist or own a multi million company, we invite you to use this program and hope it will be useful to you.”

Perfect, thanks, I will be checking it out, how much do I need to learn to be so so with luxrender, is it diferent kind of lighting or materials I got to use. Should I model, texture and light within BI or Cycles. Or does that even matter?

Nvm, just answered my own question on that by going to the site. Does anyone know if the 2.5 luxrender blender plugin work with blender 2.65?

Actually, despite the name it requires 2.62+. :wink: It works fine with 2.65 or Blender svn.

Learning curve isn’t TOO steep if you already know your way around Cycles, they use the same basic concept (path tracing). There are a good number of design differences though, especially in the way materials are handled, so you might want to keep the wiki handy while you’re getting started:

Some things you might find particularly helpful: