Rendering Question about quality

Look at this video over here

now, this one

There’s quite a big quality gap, and I would like to know what exactly makes the first one look better.

There’s something, but I just can’t name it. Is it the shading, the lighting, or what? Both used blender internal, but I don’t know what makes the first look better.

How would I be able to make the second one look like the first one? I don’t know if it’s lighting, render settings or something. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

2nd looks like it has some interpolation on the textures which make them appear blurry

1st one has soft shadows 2nd one has hard shadows

1st one has a vignette which video game companys add to make their graphics look “awesome” lol

2nd one is making a video for a pirated copy of the game which makes it look even worse

2nd one has very weird lighting angles

also knowing what your doing helps a lot