Rendering Question?

If you have a high quaility animation, say something like Peach, and you only have access to one machine. Is it possible to render 25 frames of your animation one day, shut down your machine, then render 25 more frames the next, and then combine them all once all your frames are rendered?

If this wasn’t clear enough just post but any replies would be greatly appreaciated.

| Sanguine |

You can set your renderer to only do say, frames 1 to 25. Once that is done, next time you open blender, set it to render frames 25 to whatever you want. Its under the anim button the star: and stop: values.

yes. Use the Frame Sequence Approach

nfollmer: Yes, I knew that I just needed a way to combine all my frames afterward. But thanks anyway.

PapaSmurf: Thanks. This is exactly what I needed. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: