rendering qustion

Okay, first off hi to all here, im new to the forums. My name is alex.

I was wondering if it was possible to render my scene in a wirefarme view ( does that make sense?) (so, instead of the scene getting textured etc, it is shown in wireframe). And also, can i make it switch to normal rendering half way during an animation? (my animation starts in wireframe, and the at frame x it changes or fades to normal rendering)

sry if this doesnt really make sense, just post and ask for clarifications if you need.

thanks, alex.

Sure you can render your image in wireframe. Just select the object you want and then hit “wire” in the materials section. The you just render as before.

For making it swich from wireframe to “normal” rendering one way would be to render the both parts and compose them using blenders sequence editor. To make them fade, make sure they “overlap” (that you rendered some frames in both wireframe and normal version) and then add a “cross” effect.

thanks ill try as soon as i can and post a reply when im done

Currently Blender doesn´t support the “wireframe mode” you are talking about. The Wireframe material isn´t exactly a replacement.

I´ve seen a few cool videos (one was a music video) made with the technique you want… for getting a true wireframe look, you need to double your mesh… one for the wires and the other to cover the gaps between the wires.

Apollux: Of course Blender can render in “wireframe mode”!

“Wireframe Mode” means going to the Render Settings, hitting A SINGLE button and having your renders comming out antialiased, flat shaded and with hidded lines removed wires.

Image you are working on a very complex scene, say 200 different meshes. And you boss walks in and tell you “show me a full resolution wireframe render”. What do you do?

Right now the best you could do is selecting a mesh, changing it’ s material settings to WIRE, then duplicating the mesh and changing it’ s material settings to flat shaded… then repeat for the remaining 199 meshes.

I don’ t know about you, but in my book that equals to not having a wireframe mode.

Why would you need to duplicate and flat shade it? He never said there needs to be anything between the wires.

and with hidded lines removed wires.


Hmm… I guess I’ m talking from what I need in my workfield (Architectural visualization).

for simple objects that would work.
you could also make a fake wireframe (hidden line) by using a uvmap and a picture of a white (or other color) square on a black (or other color).

In some cases it will do

I also had the same problem.

What i wanted to was render both wireframe and textured mode, and decrease the opacity of textured model on top of the wireframed model in photoshop.

selected camera view and and slected wireframe ‘render-thiswindow’ bttn

it was rendered perfectly. I then rendered the model properly, and made them into to layers in photoshop.

It only works for a single model though.