Rendering roof (Help needed)

I have created a little scene, and I wish to add a roof, however still have a rendering from the top of the room… Now the problem is, I am either not getting the roof rendered, or else I am… If I am I can’t see the room itself…

Is there a way to just get the shadow of the roof without actually rendering it, giving it the light effects within the room :)?

This is a picture of the current scene, and the roof

There should be an option to only render shadows an object casts, aptly named “shadows only” somewhere under the materials tab. It might depend on the render engine you are using.

There are options in the Materials properties for objects that are invisible but cast shadows… scroll down to the Shadow tab and click Cast Only. There is also putting the camera inside the room.

Hi, if you use Cycles there is Ray Visibility in the object tab.
Switch off Camera.

Cheers, mib

It worked like a charm! Thank you guys :slight_smile: