Rendering Script Problems

Hi, i am a new user to Blender and im having trouble getting the rendering scripts/plugins to work. I think maybe i started at a bad time because it seems the new beta which im using breaks a lot of the old scripts or they need to be updated to 2.5 still etc.

The main things i want to get working are LuxRender, YafaRay, Sunflow Renderer and any other render scripts that give nice results. I wonder why are these just not all built into blenders installer/download as it would save a lot of problems i think. So far it’s either been black screens on render or the lighting way too bright etc and i have gone through various information i have found spending hours of testing with no luck so far. I can render with blenders normal one but if anyone can help me get these scripts working with the new beta that would be really great, many thanks :slight_smile:

Blender 2.5 uses a different python version from earlier versions and all scripts will have to be updated by their authors. If you want to use them, use blender 2.49. As 2.5 is only still in alpha, so expect updated scripts once 2.5 is in a more stable form.


Thanks for the reply, so i guess i have to just wait a while then for the 2.5 updates. Any idea/guess on the wait it would be before that happens?

I did get 2.49 also so i will have to test that sometime soon but i don’t understand the interface of that version much yet to be honest, the 2.5 version i quite like though and has been simpler to work out for me so i guess for now i will probably just wait to use these. Many thanks :slight_smile: