Rendering sequence of images to multiple planes - heh

I have a sequence of 105 images from MRI of a human brain. I want to map these images in order to a corresponding stack of 105 planes, so plane 1 has image 1, plane 2 shows image 2, and so on – all simultaneously. Any suggestions on how I could do this, short of texturing each plane by hand?

seems kinda overkill? wouldn’t you just want to make a movie of it? I could see texturing two planes, with different offsets, so you can see changes, but no, there’s no real easy way to do that, unless you write a script, which should be easy for someone who does that to do, since it’s a simple loop to create a plane, a base material, create a texture, make it an image texture with filename “brain-xxxxx.jpg”, and assing the material to the plane.