Rendering shapekeys


I have a problem rendering shapekeys in a rigged character.
First I built shapekeys, later rigged the character. After setup a facial expression I type “F12” and renders fine, but when I click on “Anim” to save the render, I find the character is rendered with “Basis” shapekey.

The thing is I have read something here, but I can’t find that post.

Did you set keyframes for your shapekeys ? Or for that matter do you have drivers for your shapekeys that you added keyframes to ?

If you don’t set keyframes for either your shape keys or the driver object you won’t get a rendered animation . You could just set keys for each shapekey according to your needs in the animation, but the better method is to add drivers for the shapekeys and key the drivers instead . Here is the basics of setting up drivers for shapekeys :

Good luck .

Thanks, as you say it was there were not keyframes.
It was a test to see shapekeys working, now I’ll follow the seting up of drivers.