Rendering Sintel data

Dear Blender experts,

I am trying to get to a stage where I can re-render the Sintel data on my own machine. I have a lot of experience with 3ds Max, but I am fairly new to Blender. Now I am looking for help to get me started.

I have downloaded the Sintel SVN copy as well as a pre-compiled Windows version of the 2.53 branch of Blender, but all I am getting out of the Sintel data are black-and-gray renderings, with the geometry showing up in black and the background in gray. Same for the 2.64a version of Blender.

I do realize that a complex project such as Sintel probably isn’t the best way to get started, but all I need is to be able to re-render the already existing scenes. The complexity of the scenes is what makes Sintel attractive for our needs.

Would someone be willing to help me figuring out the first steps?

Thanks very much in advance

Apologize in advance cause I don’t answer, either.

I just like to make noise that there is more than one guy interested in making a sintel rendering.