rendering size

can you render other than 25%, 50%, etc? What if I wanted an image inbetween 50 and 75%


No, I don’t think so, I don’t see why you would want to do that anyway.
pushing the 25% button for example renders your image 25% the resolution you set up in the format panel, which is usefull when you want to render a preview of you work quickly to see your changes so. With these buttons you don’t have to change the resolution everytime you want a quick preview.

So, you wan’t a more specific size, use the format settings :slight_smile:

Some of the images on the gallery are so big you can’t see the entire image
because it goes off the screen. I was curious.


If you build your Blender yourself, it is quite easy to change rendering size to be alterable.

Take a look at source/blender/src/buttons_scene.c and replace

uiDefButS(block, ROW,B_DIFF,"100%",            565,109,122,20,&G.scene->r.size,1.0,100.0, 0, 0, "Set render size to defined size");
uiDefButS(block, ROW,B_DIFF,"75%",            565,88,40,20,&G.scene->r.size,1.0,75.0, 0, 0, "Set render size to 3/4 of defined size");
uiDefButS(block, ROW,B_DIFF,"50%",            606,88,40,20,&G.scene->r.size,1.0,50.0, 0, 0, "Set render size to 1/2 of defined size");
uiDefButS(block, ROW,B_DIFF,"25%",            647,88,40,20,&G.scene->r.size,1.0,25.0, 0, 0, "Set render size to 1/4 of defined size");


 uiDefButS(block, NUM,B_DIFF,"Size (%):",565,88,122,20,&G.scene->r.size,1.0, 100.0, 0, 0, "Render size");