Rendering Software

Well, I have been searching the forums and have come up with renderers like Pixie and Blenderman. Can I get any help on Pixie? Is it any good? When I searched, all I got was a little more confused.

Are there any other really good free renderers?

Yafray (Inside Blender)

Povray (Persistence of Vision raytracer.) There is a Blender script for exporting to Povray.

Vray (free edition)

Yasrt (Yet another simple raytracer.)

I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember the names.


Not entirely within blender, actually - you have to separately download and install the yafray executable software (that does operate as a standalone app, btw…) Its just that (as I think Sonix meant) it is nearly fully accessible thru blender’s interface. Go to for more info.

Cheers mate that’s what I meant. :smiley:



How could you forget Maxwell?


lol, I didn’t but Maxwell is not really a free raytracer. :smiley:


Hmm, isn’t vray (free edition) only for Max? How is it blender related? …just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I get any help on Pixie? Is it any good?

It’s a decent renderman compilant rendering engine. Aqsis is also a free renderman compliant rendering engine. You may want to look at it too. Compared to Aqsis:

-Pixie takes longer to compile shaders (because it actually compiles it into assembly code while Aqsis doesn’t)
-Pixie generally renders faster than Aqsis (depending on what and how you are rendering)
-Pixie is not quite as feature complete as Aqsis
-Pixie can raytrace, Aqsis can’t

Both are very nice though, and in active developement. I don’t think there are any other renderman rendering engines that are both free and open source.

If you are using blender though, you might want to stick with yafray until blender has better renderman support built into it.

Toxic … forgot the link. Looks promising tho. still in alpha If i’m correct. I’m putting my eyes on this one.