Rendering Soundscapes

Hi there guys. So I’ve been working on this project for a while now. It’s supposed to be a concert venue set on this planet in outer space. I’ve done a couple of different view renders of this scene and really like the way it has turned out so far. I’m working on cleaning up a few things in the scene now, like the lighting and grass particle system, as well as trying to come up with ideas to get this to work in an animation.

Right now render times are kind of absurd. Looking at around 4 hours for one frame at 1080p.

Does anyone have any tips for bringing down the render times per frame? I was thinking about turning down the samples first of course, and then baking the environment lighting and all of the textures/materials.


That scene doesn’t look too render-heavy though…
what are your computer specs and the sampling settings you’re using?

Cool stage for some kind of MMD-like music video!
I believe the render time issue lies with particle grass. So I’d use any possible way to get rid of it, ideally using simple textured/displaced plane for ground.

Render time in this scene is definitely heavy due to the grass. I was hoping there was some hidden “bake particles” feature for hair/grass but after hours of searching I couldn’t find anything useful. I’ll keep this thread updated with the direction I decide to take this project.