Rendering specific frames instead of whole animation

Is it possible to only render certain frames instead of a whole animation?
I have an animation and want to render specific frames as beauty shorts at a higher resolution.

Instead of rendering, waiting, saving one frame and doing that again for the next frames if would be nice if I could input to render frames 1,3,12 and let blender render and save only these frames.


I think you want this, the -f option.


Thanks for the fast reply!

I never used blender from the command line, are there GUI options?

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I think there may be an addon, but not that I know of. The command line is not that complicated I think.

Maybe look here for an addon.


I looked intro command line rendering and it is indeed not difficult.

To render frame 1, 50, 100 I used this command:
blender -b file.blend -f 1 -f 50 -f 100

This is what is means:

<path_to_blender> -b <path_to_blendfile> -f <frame1> -f <frame2> -f <frame3>

Thanks for helping me out!

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Hey, just had the opportunity to do this myself and thought you might be curious of my command line:

./blender -b /home/eric/Desktop/3d/2.93.0/decision-making-recent.blend -o //frames/decision-making/cam_base-#### -f 0000..0012,0041..0047,0075..0079

The … is the range and the comma separates the ranges.


Man, you’re going to love this video:


Hello Guys,

I tried the code but unfortunately, it did not work. This is the line of code I wrote.


Please Help Me If You Can.

I’m trying to render out specific frames 48-50.


Maybe you didn’t add this?

-o, --render-output <path>

Set the render path and file name. Use // at the start of the path to render relative to the blend-file.

Your file path contains spaces so you should add " to the file path, like:

Not sure if that will fix it.