rendering speed

(dagobert) #1

is there an option to speed up rendering. like memories allocation or other.
making object dont cast shadow for the floor or tips like that


(darkcgi) #2

if your just previewing your animation or image
use HamX file format
it will be readable only in blender as far as i know
turn off antialiasing
turn off AO
if you have dual core or two processors change number of processes to 2
theres more
like shawdow samples
lighting samples and etc…


(Myke) #3

Yeah, first off, optimize your settings. Use AO only when necessary - you can even fake it with good lighting setups (broken’s work on AO seems to make it quite a bit faster, as far as I know - you might want to check out his patched versions of Blender). Also, anything raytraced will add to the rendertime, like transparency or reflections. Try to keep them at a minimum. Same goes for Anti-Aliasing - keep it at a minimum and use a good filter (box, the default choice, is not always best - check the manual for more infos on that).

These are the standard procedures…it depends on your scene if you can do even more. But as far as Memory allocation goes - I have not yet heard things about that. Of course you can also check out the optimized Blender builds which get better rendertimes on specific hardware.