Rendering "Squished".. what am I doing wrong?

I’m having a weird render problem, that I can’t seem to describe in a way that gives me any help in a search engine (which is usually how I figure out what’s wrong)…

Basically, when it renders, it renders “squished”, at half the size, and at the last minute, pops into size… and when it does, it seems like the edges are a little soft, almost like it rendered half the size, and was stretched out.

Here is how it looks while it’s rendering:

Then, it “pops” into space, and looks like it has soft edges.

Here’s a screenshot of my render panel, do I have something checked, or some setting wrong?

Thanks, this thing is just confusing.


Deselect Fields, unless you are rendering an animation for TV. That should sort this problem.

perfect… I knew it was something I clicked by accident. Thanks alot!