Rendering suddenly stops

I am not sure if this is related to the latest Nvidia drivers or what exactly. I have removed the drivers and installed again and it keeps happening. Using any Blender version.

It starts rendering and if I zoom in and out everything suddenly look transparent and it won’t do anything until I switch to solid view. The second time I try to render once that happened it does nothing and I can only see transparent and Cancel at the top left corner.

Switching to CPU only works again.

Update: So I found out that it happens only if I draw a render region. (Using a camera ONLY)

In case anyone faces this issue.

I tried installing again the latest drivers but using Nvidia Experience and I did not a clean installation so I am not sure is the drivers or something else.

What I did was I’ve reverted to previous Nvidia drivers (10th December). I am not 100% sure this was the issue as I did a clean installation when installing these drivers and I did not install Nvidia Experience, Audio and USB drivers. Those have nothing to do I believe but I leave what I did exactly just in case someone wants to follow the same steps. Maybe in the future I will try to update to the latest version and see if the problem comes back.