Rendering takes long time to initialize

I made a simulation of a centrifugal water pump. Everything is fine in the viewport, but when I render the animation, it takes more than a minute to initialize before the actuall rendering starts. The scene is quite simple, and the rendering only takes less than 30 seconds, so the initilization stage is really slowing down my progress. The problem exists for both cycles and eevee. Any ideas to reduce initilization time? The simulation cache is 22G large, so I wouldn’t post it here. Bakering one or two frames is enough to address this problem.
CentrifugalPump.blend (1017.1 KB)

Hmm i’m not so much into fluid simulations, but what do you expect or how could anybody compare if you don’t give any info about your machine?

570004 fluid particles for this frame

baked 2 frames in 40 sec
needed 2 min to initialze for one frame
reduced max samples to 16 and needed ~1:30 min to render
on a 2 real core 4 virtual core machine with 8GB and just internal graphics
and i can already see some of the rippling in the water
i think this is an awesome performance for a free tool (on such a simple machine)

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Thanks a lot for your help! I agree that blender is already amazing with its features and free price, but I have a more powerful computer with a i9-9900k CPU and a RTX2080 GPU so I’m seeking faster renders. But now, the actuall rendering is taking only 20% of time, so lots of GPU resources are wasted. I’ve done some further experiments: I turned off the rendering of the water, and scene initialization finished under 3 seconds, so most of the initilization time is used to load the water mesh. However, the water mesh only takes about 5 seconds to load in the viewport, so why is it so slow in during render? Also, with intel XTU, I found that only 1 of 8 CPU core is active during initilization, which means that the initialization is a single-thread process.

Oh well there are big steps in simulations on multi core but then after baking… the loading is single thread… it may be faster to just run it ??? :crazy_face: and not :cook: ?:question: