Rendering Textures in Yafray, help for a noob please?


I’m a noob. I’ve done a passable first animation of a piece of fruit in Blender and would like to see how it might look when rendered in Yafray, but my textures come out completely differently (bad, not there) in Yafray. I have downloaded some other .blends and checked, they render OK both in Blender and Yafray, so I think yafray is working fine on my PC.

The texture in question is an image texture. In blender it comes out fine. In yafray the texture (applied to an egg shape) appears not to have the image at all, and the edges showing up very dark, though sort of the right colour.

(As I type this I realise I have no idea how to post example jpegs to this site)

Any pointers gratefully received (I’ve been browsing tutorials for days and am beginning to get frustrated).



Hi gerardv,

Firstly make sure that the normals are all pointing outwards. Select the mesh with the problem, go into edit mode, select all the vertices (press ‘a’ on your keyboard and they’ll turn yellow), press Ctrl-N, and then click the ‘re-calc normals’ pop-up.

If that doesn’t fix it then it may possibly be because your image texture is packed. I had this issue a while ago and nearly went insane (some would say more insane…). Yafray doesn’t recognise packed images and so these textures are missed out when rendering. You can tell if your image is packed by the little parcel icon on the menu bar at the top. Click ‘File’, ‘Unpack Data’ and let blender create a folder to place it in.

Hope that helps.

Thank you. It was the normals that were messed up. All fixed now.