Rendering the viewport

Hi, just a quick question (that could possibly turn into a feature request).

Is there any way to play an animation, and have it output to a file? I don’t mean render it, I mean sort of screen grab what the camera sees in the viewport. There are many times for me when a scene is so complex that I can’t see it in real time in the viewport.


Hello LazyCoder.

Yes you can. In the 3D-View header, there is a button next to the layers buttons. The tooltip reads “Render this window” (Hold CTRL for anim). So if you click it (with CTRL-KEY pressed) an animation of your 3d viewport is made. If you want to save it to a video file, choose render output filetype from render context buttons.

Hope this helps.

omg. I’ve been using blender for like 20 years and I never actually did that. How cute! Thanks iLuv! I just animated a dragon and was trying to figure out how to record the bones moving…this does it!

l luv u 2! … I guess I need to update the wiki now…

Right, just remember to adjust the view to the active camera (or the camera to the active view). An alternative, to simply get a quick screen grab of a subwindow, is Ctrl+F3 in any 3D view.

/ Mats