Rendering through passes??

I’ve read this expression seferal times but I haven’t got any idea what it means and what the benefits are. So can anyone tell for what this expression stands and eventually post a link to a good tutorial?

Thx and greetz, Fritz.

Multipass rendering is a postprocessing technique that can speed up render times. You split up the rendering of diffuse color, specularity, reflections, shadows, and other light-related aspects of a scene into separate files. These are then composited together into the final scene, often using a formula like (diffuse + (specular + reflection) * fresnel) * shadow = final render.

Some of these passes are very computationally intensive, so if you just want to tweak the diffuse color of a model in postpro, multipass is very efficient.

It’s sometimes confused with multilayer rendering, where different objects in a scene are rendered separately and composited.

Seriously, if you have to ask, it’s probably not something you want to get into right now. You could try to Google multipass rendering for tutorials; I’ve not seen any here recently.

You can check out Ton’s latest screenshot at . The picture will be probably overwritten in near future, so hurry :smiley: